Is it a Boat or Is it a Trailer?

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(2009)16' Float Trailer is a Landing Craft with wheels built into it to make it the perfect ATV Trailer and built tough enough for off road use.

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Our Float Trailer design reinvents the boat by building the trailer right in the boat, offering a versatile package not available anywhere else.

Three versions are available.............
- the 14 ft - weighs only 950lbs.
- the 16 ft - 4'6" ramp door opening
- the 20ft tandem unit - 5'6" ramp door opening

The Float Trailer is our answer for those who demand strength, quality and the ability to get the most from their investments.
The driving force behind the concept of the Float Trailer was to allow ATV and boating enthusiasts to transport their boat and ATV in the same package, but the number of other possible uses are countless.
Just imagine what you can do with a trailer that can be used as a boat and vice versa. People are amazed how easily the Float Trailer is launched in and out of the water by either automobile or ATV and how well it performs in both the water and on land.
The Float Trailer’s high ground clearance and independent suspension allows it to travel over roads which most other boats and trailer cannot.
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